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We designed Type Script to meet the needs of the Java Script programming teams that build and maintain large Java Script programs.

The Type Script type system enables programmers to express limits on the capabilities of Java Script objects, and to use tools that enforce these limits.

To minimize the number of annotations needed for tools to become useful, the Type Script type system makes extensive use of type inference.

For example, from the following statement, Type Script will infer that the variable 'i' has the type number.

The following example declares the 'document' object supplied by browsers.

Because the declaration does not specify a type, the type 'any' is inferred.

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Version 1.8 January, 2016 Microsoft is making this Specification available under the Open Web Foundation Final Specification Agreement Version 1.0 ("OWF 1.0") as of October 1, 2012. Type Script is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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