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If you handle it another way, what's your magic formula? I will read the email and look at their profile and even give it a thought, but if their email or profile is not what intrigues me I 'DELETE'... but I use to be nice and reply to all of my emails but for some reason if I say 'Thanks, but no Thanks', they feel I'm playing hard to get so they email me more.... If I've received a message that implies that they haven't even read my profile, then why would I give them the effort they did not give me. "Read/deleted" is about the best you could hope for.

The question is not how to reject online, but how to walk away in real life. If they are polite and decent but not what I am interested in, they get option "c." If they obviously haven't even read my profile or read it and ignored it, "b." If they are intriguing and explain why they ought to get a chance despite not being what I am looking for right now, then they get a chance to make their case, but it usually ends up in "c" anyway. I do all of the above, depending on what their email said.

Also, does it really hurt to exchange a few nicities? If they are vulgar or rude, I am twice as rude back. Most guys will not take rejection well unless you come out and say what you mean and how you really feel.

I would say that C is the only option, If you dont respond at all, people wonder if you even got the message, so not only will you be polite, but also put to rest any question about wether you even read the message. If they didn't read my profile or could be my father, and hit on me, I ignore and BLOCK.You check out their profile and you aren't interested. I normally choose "other." There are perfectly polite and cheerful ways to thank someone for taking the time to write you while letting them know you're not interested, in so many words. Signed I just think it's simple respect for the human on the other for me........i dont like being rude by just reading and then deleting the email.........i DO (wink wink) respond to all my that i put on my profile..not email me ..cause it will just b deleted.......(i dont get alot) lol...... I get plenty of email as it is; but I was offering the OP a chance to be on the receiving end of a nice reply.Do you:a) Just delete the letter they've sent without reading itb) Open the letter, read it, then delete itc) Respond with a diplomatic "no thank you"d) Respond with something completely rude to ensure they don't contact you EVER againe) Other. Simply deleting their message after reading it and their profile sometimes is the nicer route to go. (Of course, this applies to politely-worded emails only.)If you need me to provide a clearer example, send me an email and I'll try to respond in a way that will illustrate my meaning. If I am not interested: Thank you, but no Thank you. However, after reading a few of your other forum posts, I would not bother should you try emailing me.However, the golden rule will always be no matter the situation to stay polite.You should always remember that there are many ways to encourage someone to move on without being rude, each person requires individual approach however.

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