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Although the instructions are intended for Windows Server the procedure is compatible with client versions of Windows such as Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Feel free to post an issue, but read the wiki first.

A possible use for this is sending important messages and alarms to a CWD that you don't want to send all notification too. If not defined this will fallback to `PUSHOVER_USER_KEY` or `PUSHOVER_ALARM_KEY`. * `API_SECRET` - Used for signing the pushover callback request for acknowledgments.

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Plugins are used extend the way information is displayed, how notifications are sent, alarms are triggered, and more.

The built-in/example plugins that are available by default are listed below.

You can find CGM data in The API is Swagger enabled, so you can generate client code to make working with the API easy.

To learn more about the Nightscout API, visit review

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