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Further, his age is sixty, so as an ‘old’ guy he looks still quite sexy and a lot of people love him the way that he is.Richard Dean Anderson weight gain does not get in the way of adoring him as a person that has achieved a lot during his life.The series lasted seven seasons and ran for 139 episodes.

Although his dream became an impossibility, he never lost his love for the sport.So now when he does not have so much to do Richard Dean Anderson weight gain is reasonable.The actor admits that it is a pity that there are no more Stargate movies and he has no motivation to change anything about his looks, he does not have a reason to exercise or to eat less.Though accompanied by several friends at the beginning of this trip, he traveled the last thirty-three days alone.This experience gave him a more centered sense of direction in his life. Cloud State University and at Ohio University (without completing his degree), he briefly moved to New York before settling in Los Angeles, where he worked as a juggler and a street mime and in a Renaissance-style cabaret.

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He worked briefly in Marineland, where his jobs included holding fish in his mouth for killer whales to leap up and snatch.

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