Ridiculous dating sites

Yep, if I feel like they might be keeping something from me, I am not too proud to go full Nancy Dre…Unpopular opinion: I feel really bad for celebrities.

Well, to clarify, I specifically feel bad for them when it comes to their romantic lives.

Throughout my years, I've seen the gamut of messages.

We hit it off, he asked for my number, and he later texted me asking about my weekend plans.

This might sou…How do you know when it's time to go from hooking up to home for the holidays together?

Whether most of your friends are coupled up and it feels like you'…Summer is great, but it does have its downsides.

The high temperatures mean that things between you and bae can get a little too hot and heavy.

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But if you've never been in a casual dating situation before, and you've never been through all the phases of casual relationships, you might be worried a…

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  1. Dating apps “help you find exactly what you want,” says Tyler Cowen, an economist at George Mason University who has broached the topic on several occasions on Marginal Revolution, a popular blog he co-hosts.