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Checking for System Updates Checking for App Updates Forcing a System Update Check Using Smart Switch for Samsung Devices Community Q&A This wiki How teaches how to check for updates on your Android device, both for the system software and for any apps that are installed.

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What we will do, is create a basic List Fragment and an RSSService class that we will use to populate the list.

In our List Fragment we will simply tell our RSS service to populate the list: The first thing to note is that this class is extending Android's Async Task- The reason for this is that since Android 3.0, you are no longer able to perform network operations in the main application thread, so being as our class is going to have to fetch some RSS feeds we are going to have to spin off a new thread.

Those of you who have worked with RSS in other JVM languages will know that there are plenty of libraries available that can handle parsing RSS - however, because the android platform doesn't actually contain all the core java classes, almost all of the RSS libraries have not been supported.

This walk through will cover off the basics of getting an RSS reader app up and running quickly and will also cover some details of Android's fragment system for tablet optimization as well as some things to watch out for (such as changes in the platform that mean network operations cannot be run in the main thread, which requires some tweaking if you have worked on earlier versions).

So feel free to go grab that from Git Hub before continuing.

It is not an unusual requirement for mobile apps these days to be able to consume an RSS feed from another site (or many) to aggregate the content - Or maybe you just want to build your own Android app now that Google has announced it will be retiring Reader.

What happens is that we have to poll for new articles to their servers and since there are so many users of Feedly and so many requests for their servers, they blacklist us or limit the request we can ask per hour, day etc.You note how when we overrode the do In Background() method earlier we set the return to List of Articles (where Article is my simple POJO containing my RSS blog post info) - well this must correspond to the argument of the "on Post Execute()" method, which looks like this: However, in our application we have added a bit more sugar on the app - and we have actually backed the app with a simple DB that records the unique IDs of the posts and tracks whether or not they have been read to provide a nicer highlighting of listed blog posts.So that's it - there's plenty more you can add to your RSS reader app, such as storing posts for reading later, and supporting multiple feeds/feed types - but feel free to fork the code on Git Hub, or just download on to your android device to enjoy all our Nerd Ability updates!Now, of course I contacted the developers of those apps first but a quick search on Google informed me that the problem seems to lie within the launcher in use. if you are, itll be a good idea to put Nova, Zooper etc all under the exceptions list.So, I tried clearing Nova Launcher's cache and restarting the launcher, but unfortunately to no avail. this will ensure that they do not hibernate therefore eliminating the possibility of the widgets not updating.

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in a node like hello world this method might be called several times between the start and end) so every time we will just append the contents to a String Buffer - that way we can be sure that we will have captured all the data in the node.

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