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You name it, God created it, and many theories have been proposed for how God performs the miracles in the Bible (more on that in #5).

The parting of the Red Sea might have been caused by the eruption of Santorini, or a freak windstorm.

He could destroy Israel as he did Sodom and Gomorrah, but he wants Israel to survive and learn how to be righteous in his eyes.

So they are defeated and taken into slavery by Babylon.

This might have been due to red algae, which kills fish, which float to the surface and draw flies, gnats, and more. But this is all to imply that God operates within the confines of Nature, at least as we understand it, according to the rules he created. Ezekiel and some of Paul’s letters emphasize the sovereign will of God, namely that he has the power to do as he pleases, and no one has the slightest right to take issue with him. Answer me, if you even know how to.” Job sums this up with, “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.” One of God’s most shocking infractions against what we consider the rules takes place when he “hardens Pharaoh’s heart.” This is to say that Pharaoh might have let the Israelites go long before the plague against the firstborn.If you ask a Jewish person what happens to them after death, they will usually reply with a variation of, “I don’t know.But I will live on in the good works of my children.” Jews do not believe that they will go to Heaven, until after the Messiah has come to grant them admission into Heaven.50 Notable Nobel Prize Winners who Believed in God Religious Affiliation of Bruce Springsteen Religious Affiliation of Hiro Nakamura from TV's American Evangelical Christian Churches American Evangelistic Association American Family Association American Gospel Band American Holy Orthodox Catholic Eastern Church American Independent Orthodox Church (Bridges) American Indian Evangelical Church American Lutheran Church: 2,300,000 Apostolic - historic Apostolic succession: 1,369,299,968 Apostolic - independent: 18,000,000 Apostolic - other Apostolic Assemblies of Christ Apostolic Catholic Church of the Americas Apostolic Christian Church Apostolic Lutherans (Church of the First Born) Apostolic Lutherans (Evangelicals No. The Bible is the number one sold book on the planet and not just because it is important to Christianity; it is also read by secular people for a purely intellectual or entertaining read.

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