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Of course, the stated purpose of the dating service called, HANNIDATE, is to match up like-minded conservatives; however, gays are welcomed and are meeting on his site as well, and he allows it. Hannity feels that he is expressing God's loves towards those who are without Christ; nevertheless, Christians should never take sin lightly. "vile affections" as the Word of God calls it in Romans . As Christians, we need to live above reproach, and not give the Devil's crowd any more ammunition than they already have. Any honest child knows that God created Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve. Here's one of the profiles I found in a Google search for "Hannidate gay"... I mean, as a born again Christian, I just don't get it. In this woeful time of apostasy and attack against family values, why would Mr. We are seeing an increase in gay-tolerance and compromise these days. We are seeing an increase in gay-friendly Christians. on Monday, attracting 610,000 more viewers than his progressive MSNBC rival Maddow, according to the"The Rachel Maddow Show" trailed "Hannity" by 610,000 viewers and a modest 75,000 adults 25-54, with "Hannity" averaging a robust 3.27 million viewers and a demo audience of 666,000 (spooky! The new battle, the result of the latest of many FNC scheduling changes over the last year, comes at the end of a quarter that made Maddow the undisputed queen of cable news. The third quarter of 2017 marked the 63rd consecutive quarter that Fox News has been the most-watched cable news network, dating back to 2002.Though competitor FNC won the three-month span in primetime and total day, her MSNBC hour bested "Hannity" among total viewers with an average 2.72 million to his 2.54 million and among adults 25-54 with 606,000 to his 533,000. 1 will be especially interesting during the last three months of the year, now that the shows are airing simultaneously—and Hannity has the advantage of more U. Rupert Murdoch's news network averaged 1.4 million total viewers and 2.2 million viewers during prime-time coverage to win both categories.It all started on Saturday, when the New York Times published a story reporting, among other things, that Fox News host Sean Hannity, an outspoken defender of President Donald Trump, also offers private counsel to the president. Trump’s most controversial behavior in public, but privately, according to people close to Mr.Here's what the Times wrote about Hannity's relationship with Trump: Presidents always deploy surrogates to appear on television to spout their talking points, but Mr. Trump, he urges the president not to get distracted, and advises him to focus on keeping pledges like repealing the Affordable Care Act.There’s Alpha Steve, a divorced 34-year-old father of three in Georgia who’s “Lookin’ for some good buddies.” He says this photo is “pretty much what i look like.” abake07 is a 21-year-old “ambitious conservative” student at Ohio State and likes “cars, clothes, and nice stuff in general.Again, faith is a bigger part of my life.” And bgee is a 25-year-old living in Los Angeles who eats “anything my Mama makes.” Adorable!

CNN and MSNBC have been competing with their coverage of President Donald Trump's recent controversies, including the investigation into alleged collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian officials.

But for all his railing against gay marriage, Sean Hannity might be doing a better job creating lasting unions between gay Americans than any site we’ve come up with.

Sean Hannity operates his own dating website that helps match up gays!

These men and women aren’t looking for one night stands or friends with benefits.

Most say they are looking for longterm relationships, soulmates, and the stuff of Hallmark cards.

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