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When we really want to shake things up, we hire our parents to watch the kiddos and go out to our favorite New Orleans' style restaurant.

Any time we get a chance to go out and eat, just the two of us, I want to make sure we hit up a place with awesome food!

We're still working on the whole "make-washing-dishes-fun" part. We're also newlyweds and looking to start our family with pets before kiddos..this fall, we took the plunge and got a 75-gallon aquarium that we filled with African Cichlids.

They're beautiful fish and we have so enjoyed caring for them and learning about them together! We don't have a TV so we have the fish tank in a prominent place in our family room - some nights, we just love sitting on the floor watching them.

We have 2 versions of car dates we do: One mild fall day, both kids fell asleep in the car. I parked and my husband ran in and grabbed some pastries.

We sat on a bench in front of the car (which had the windows down) for about an hour, until the kids woke up.

If you know a little bit of our love story, you know that Adam and I dated long distance up until two months before we got married.

It might not be glamorous, but it's part of the phase we're in right now. One of the simplest things we did after Emmett was born, was one summer evening after he had gone to sleep, we took our lawn chair/couch outside and sat in the cool evening air, watching Netflix on my phone. No matter how hard it is to make date night happen, it's always worth it every time we make time for each other!!

We also find ourselves going on fun dates to Pet Expo to learn more about this type of fish, or to pick up food or extra things we need. :)As parents to four kiddos, it is important that we sneak little snippets of time to connect and love on one another.

When we only had one or two kids, it was easier to find those times, but now with four, we have to be very intentional.

We still model some of our “date nights” around that idea.

We bring a hot drink and go to a local park or lake, and hang out together, walking around and admiring the view.

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  1. A main reason our marriage works is because we are so mindful when it comes to courtesy and respect. I'm probably not the only person with tips about improved online dating behavior.