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For the first time, I'll put up photos of what my lady looks like.

So, my aunt's Indonesian maid in Taiwan has fallen in love with me.

The immigration official interrogating her was a middle-age Chinese-Indonesian woman who spoke fluent Indonesian and Mandarin. There are lots of Indonesian caregivers wheeling Ah Gong and Ah Ma around CKS Memorial.

The Indonesian women would always stop and say hi to each other, and they were essentially like some kind of a sisterhood.

When she and I are pushing my grandma around on her wheelchair in the neighborhood, the middle-age Taiwanese ladies would be very happy to talk to me and my grandma, but completely ignore the Indonesian maid. To most Taiwanese, she seems to be a robot working in the background, someone to ignore and who is of no interest at all.

In fact, she's so "unimportant" that no one had ever told me that an Indonesian woman was caring for my grandmother.

They all sensed what was going on between me and her.

Fortunately since my grandma's older, she doesn't suspect anything. A middle-age ethnic Sundanese caregiver from West Java told my Indo lady while smiling, "You two are just like glue, aren't you? Another older lady from East Java asked her if I was her boyfriend.

On the other hand, I love sitting by her side, reading Indonesian magazines with her, speaking Indonesian to her, and asking her to make me Indonesian food (which I cook together with her sometimes). They would never even think of speaking a single word in Indonesian or asking their maid to make spicy Indonesian food.

To them, I appeared very confident, smooth, and playboy-like, which could never happen with urban middle-class Taiwanese or American women.

My family's Indonesian maid and I took my grandmother out to the NTU Hospital for a blood transfusion, which she gets every 2 weeks.

Most Indonesians in Taiwan are maids and caregivers from the island of Java, and sometimes also southern Sumatra.) Unfortunately, my grandmother, who is apparently a perfectly nice, normal, typical Taiwanese granny, is not nice towards the maid at all.

Rock has even met my grandma and talked to her for nearly an hour about the health system in Taiwan. She often complains about how the maid can't cook Taiwanese food properly, how she can't understand her Mandarin, and her being stupid and incompetent.

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Occasionally a few of them wouldn't want to stop and say hi to my Indo lady, and she said that she considers that to be rude and arrogant.

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