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It’s more efficient to select only the fields you need to use.Finally, note that you can call attributes and reverse relations can have multiple related rows, including these can have a multiplier effect on the size of your result set.If you don’t specify the fields, each dictionary will contain a key and value for every field in the database table.Example: It is useful when you know you’re only going to need values from a small number of the available fields and you won’t need the functionality of a model instance object.This means that when you unpickle a attribute is an opaque object.It represents the internals of the query construction and is not part of the public API.

For example, if a Note that this is not quite the same as slicing from the end of a sequence in Python.

Each foreign key you add will implicitly include all of its default orderings as well.

If a query doesn’t have an ordering specified, results are returned from the database in an unspecified order.

If you can be sure that there will only be one ordering piece of data for each of the items you’re ordering, this approach should not present problems. There’s no way to specify whether ordering should be case sensitive.

With respect to case-sensitivity, Django will order results however your database backend normally orders them.

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