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In confusion I rolled out of bed, picked up my girl’s phone and answered.It was her mother, asking me if we (Melinda and me) if we could babysit on her 16 year old sister, Maggy, that weekend, they were going on a weekend trip to the family beach house.As I drove up to her school I saw maggy standing in front of a group of guys with 2 friends of her, it looked like she was the popular girl in school. After a while, it became awkward watching this movie with my girlfriends sister, and left her to it. ” “I need to do some stuff for work, you have fun watching the movie.” “But I don’t want to watch it without you” she replied.No wonder I thought, she does look very good for her age. and so we had a chat about nothing special really, she told me she wanted to rent a movie and sit on the couch with a big bucket of ice. We drove past a video story, hired this movie called “Cruel Intentions”, bought ice and went home. I don’t know how she did it but she convinced me to stay and watch the entire movie with her. ” I replied, while thinking about how amazing it would be to have sex with this tight little virgin.Babysitting my girlfriends little sister My name is Bill, I just turned 27 and I have a beautiful girlfriend named Melinda, she just turned 20.Some people may think she’s a little young for me, but I only get turned on by a girl if she’s younger than me so I’m fine with it.This story starts in the morning after a great night of sex at her apartment.

This was part 1, I will continue with the day after if I get a positive responds on this one.

” she said while her hand went into my boxer and took a firm hold of my dick. the moaning suddenly stopped and with a scared voice she asked me what I was doing.

I’m gonna fuck you that’s what I’m going to do!

She saw me sitting in the car, said something to her friends and walked to car. The movie ended, and I made up a spare bed for her in the guest room, gave her a night kiss on her cheek and went to bed. “Sure I said, but don’t tell your sister or parents.” I told, while I felt my dick suddenly enlarge. I wanted to turn around and go back to sleep, when she told me it was to cold and if I could hold her. ” And so I Turned around and put my arm around her, me dick now as hard as it can be. My left hand unhooked her bra, after which she took it off. She started moaning softly, and asked me to go on, grabbing my right hand and pushing it downwards. ” I asked one more time, “yeah just do it” she replied.

It must have been 2.30 in the morning when I was awoken by someone tapping me on the back. She was only wearing a G-string with a wide shirt over it, her nipples sticking through the soft fabric. “I don’t think that’s a good idea Mag” I replied. So we laid in a Spooning position, she started to giggle she asked if she turned me on. “it’s ok, I hoped you would be” she said as if felt her hand go over my chest. My left hand now resting in her neck, while my right hand slowly started to rub her panties. “damn girl you must be horney as hell”, she admitted that she was.

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