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My favorite is my 1st cousin on my mothers side Michelle..had her way with me when I was 11 years old and she was 12..is a drop dead gorgeous brunette with emerald green eyes and freckles all over her perfect tight ballet dancers body and the tightest pussy I have ever had, I swear it is as pink as bubblegum and always wet as hot butter..made me come for the very first time and we still fuck to this very day, hell I fuck her more than my GF...

I fucked her on Friday and Saturday while we hung out and went to the beach and chilled at my house.

I tried to be cool about it but my dad caught me looking.

Before she said anything I told her I was just closing the door for her so our grandparents dog wouldnt go in there.

She smiled and thanked me but then had this wicked grin on her face "Sooo why do you have my panties then? Me "Umm I was just going to the bathroom" Not sure why I thought this was what I should say since it doesnt really explain why I had her panties in my hand.

She only lives a couple of miles from me and comes over and hangs out almost every day and the second my GFs car pulls out of the driveway her legs spread for me and we fuck 3 times a day when she is around..tells me she is in love with me and I believe it because she has followed me to three different states when I move for work, when I lived in Colorado I did not know anyone and she moved in and we lived as a couple and nobody knew..was hot as hell.

Now I love fucking her and then letting my GF suck my dick when she gets home so she came clean my cousins cum of for me..makes me cum so hard thinking of my cousin when my GF says how good my cock tastes...

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