Tips for dating coworkers

This is one of those pieces of advice that’s not so much bad as it is incomplete. It’s just the type of thing that you need to carefully evaluate the risk versus the reward.Evaluating the Ups and Downs We can’t give you a straightforward answer on whether or not it’s “worth it.” But you do need to consider that dating at the workplace can be very uncomfortable if the two of you break up.You might use some of the tips mentioned above when discussing the issue with your employees - particularly if you don''t have a fraternization policy or if it gives you discretion in handling the situation. SOUTH CAROLINA EMPLOYMENT LAW LETTER is not intended to provide legal advice, which can be given only after consideration of the facts of a specific situation.The HR industry´s premier online community and resource for Human Resource professionals: HR, human resources, HR community, human resources community, HR best practices, best practices in human resources, online communities for HR, HR articles, HR news, human resources articles, human resources news, HR events, leadership, performance management, staffing and recruitment, benefits, compensation, staffing, recruitment, workforce acquisition, human capital management, HR management, human resources management, HR metrics and measurement, organizational development, executive coaching, HR law, employment law, labor relations, hiring employees, HR outsourcing, human resources outsourcing, training and development Getting to Know Her Of course, just having a flirtatious rapport with someone isn’t going to get you the date.You also want to establish common interests and begin building an emotional bond.

Take time to get to know her — who she is, what her story is, what she’s about and the like.It’s just about making time with her, gauging how much of her interest is interest in you and how much of it is just workplace banter.Once you’ve established that there is a connection there, you can go ahead and set up a more formal “date” between the two of you.This is probably the most important part of knowing how to start dating a coworker.AJ Harbinger is one of the world’s top relationship development experts.

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