Top ten dating mistakes

Dating mistake 6: Assuming He’s Seeing Just You Easiest way to get disappointed and scupper things?Assume you and him are already exclusive and bingo! He’s free to text and see who he wants at this point.Sure, it’s important that long-term partners share our belief systems and values. But since guys really don’t find it attractive, it’s important that you work hard to change.Dating mistake 9: Ignoring The Warning Signs If you hit the dating scene wearing your rose-tinted glasses, you’ll fail to spot the red flags.

Now even some fans are suggesting it’s time for shares to digest their big pop.

Maybe we could start by like having *a* drink or *a* coffee or going on *a* walk, rather than get together for a picnic then a sunset cruise followed by picking our wedding venue?

First dates that last longer than a few hours are awkward. Rather than sit quietly in the dark for 2 hours listening to each other breathe?

Ask him questions to show that you’re interested, relieve some conversational pressure from him, and to also keep things moving.

If you literally can never think of anything to ask, prepare some questions and topics beforehand.

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Dating mistake 10: Thinking You Can Reform A Bad Boy Following on from the one above, thinking you can reform a bad boy is another dating mistake you need to avoid.

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