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The study measured the plasma cortisol levels (stress level indicators) before and after 21 days of meditation.The results showed a significant reduction at trial end.Having discovered the magic frequency, in 2015 Novobiotronics published a paper on their lab-based trial on leukemia cells with very promising results.In their findings, they report a 61 percent reduction in cancer cells.However, acupuncture is gaining recognition fast in the West with the British National Health Service stating that acupuncture encourages the body to produce pain-relieving endorphins.Acupuncture is now available for free on the NHS in some areas of the United Kingdom.A pain management review of acupuncture was published by Manyanga et al. The review looked at 12 trials comparing acupuncture to standard care in osteoarthritis (plus placebo and no treatment at all).The results showed significant pain reduction, improved mobility, and better quality of life.

The ancient technique of sticking needles into the skin at strategic points has origins dating back thousands of years, the first documented record being around 100 B. It is still widely used in China today to treat the root cause of conditions as opposed to the symptomatic approach of Western medicine.Research has shown that just listening to music can reduce stress levels and increase production of the antibodies needed to fight off invading viruses and boost the immune system.However, more recent science is proving that music and sound therapy may have a far greater impact on human health than was previously believed.And the longer the treatment period, the greater the benefits.The review team from Canada concluded that there is evidence to support the use of acupuncture as an alternative to traditional painkillers in people suffering from osteoarthritis.

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So, it’s a big tick for acupuncture, as long as you can overcome the horror of hundreds of needles sticking into your skin at one time.

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