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At home, Tamina ran a hot bubble bath, planning on masturbating to get rid of the itch that Robert had caused.

But, even after making herself cum twice, she still found her thoughts going back to Robert and the incident in the break room and she became horny all over again.

Tamina quickly stood and smoothed down her short black skirt, hoping that she'd not given the whistler an eyeful.

Tamina was what some call a BBW -- big beautiful woman -- as she was carrying some extra weight on her 5’3” frame. And I am sorry for threatening to call the cops.”“Don’t worry,” Robert said.

"I was supposed to arrive tomorrow but finished my last assignment early and thought I would surprise Ted. When she turned around to go back to her desk, Robert reached out and grasped an arm, pulling her towards him.

Grabbing her ass with both hands, he leaned down and kissed her deeply, his tongue demanding entrance while he ground against her pelvis.

The unexpected movement caught Tamina off balance and she landed across his lap, her skirt riding up her thighs.

As she struggled to get up before Ted came into the reception area, Robert kept one hand on her waist holding her in place.“Why Tamina, if you wanted me to spank you, all you would have to do is ask.” he teased as he tapped her arse gently, and then moved her skirt up to see the underwear she was wearing. you are wearing a green thong and a white garter belt.

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