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If you’re really dead-set against including any personal information on your device, you can skip this step and go straight to… If you’re not updating your devices, you’re missing out. So I’ll warn you now, getting updates is different for every device.Aptoide TV is an alternative Android app store that has a ton of different apps to choose from. It’s usually found in an app, but it could be buried deep in the settings screen. Ethernet is faster and if you’re going to be streaming 4K, then you need all the speed (bandwidth) you can get. If that’s not an option, you can still go wireless. Just don’t overload your power strip and set the house on fire.If yours doesn’t, then you’re going to need to do it manually.Inside there you’ll get a couple of different options to turn auto-update off completely, only update via Wi-Fi or to update at any time. Now you never have to worry about if you’ve got the latest version of an app or not.If using Aptoide TV is more your thing, then it’s easy to keep things updated as well.

From there you’ll be able to turn on Ethernet or Wi-Fi and select your network.

Usually, I just check the United States Computer Emergency Response Team's "current activity" page(s) [ where I found this link:

Maybe there is a way to see a version number, though?

Navigate to the XFINITY online listings website (link in Resources).

Click the "Change Location" link, located just above the top right corner of the grid.

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