Updating a church to a house

This omni directional illumination creates an even distribution of light so the entire interior, walls, ceilings & seating area’s are properly lit.These fixtures especially work well in church interiors with only recessed downlighting which illuminate the seating area’s and not the rest of the space.

Also, many churches are historical landmarks and were built before electric lights were available, as a result the church’s electrical wiring cannot handle additional bulbs or increased wattage. The shape of the fixtures and the bulbs, the height and distribution of the lights and the type of lighting mount used can all contribute greatly to the available light in a room.

x 14″ long white acrylic cylindrical or hexagon lanterns and 18″ dia. The overall diameter for the 3 arm is 40″ and accepts a 9 light cluster of energy efficient LED light sources.

The overall diameter of the 6 arm chandelier is 50″ and accepts a 15 light cluster of energy efficient LED light sources.

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Please note that some restaurants DO NOT supply nutrition information and therefore, we do not calculate points for them.

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I was wondering if you will be updating all your Smart points information for the restaurants so they are current & up to date for 2017.

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