Updating and estimating a social accounting matrix

This course familiarizes students with field methods employed in the recovery of botanical remains (samplings, flotation, capture, and drying) and lab methods used to identify and interpret them.Special emphasis will be placed on identifying wild and domestic plants used by prehistoric peoples of northeastern New Mexico. Lithic Technology and Analysis (3); Var This course familiarizes students with the study of stone tools in archaeological contexts. Senior Colloquium (2); Fa This course is taken during the fall semester of the senior year of a BFA candidate. BFA Exhibit (1); Sp Preparation for exhibition of works in the student’s major area that demonstrates ability and achievement. Exhibit Design (3) Students will participate in mounting a multimedia exhibit on a topic in fine arts. Professional Internship (1–6 VC) A student will work under the joint supervision of a work supervisor and an art faculty member at an on- or off-campus site. Art History 1 (3); Fa Survey course of western art and architecture from pre-history to the medieval period. Modern Art (3); Sp A survey of European and American art from the late eighteenth century until the present.LOG INTO MY NMHU Directory Libraries Apply Now Our Faculty Academic Calendar Campus Map Class Schedule HU Vision 2020 Campus Police Statewide Centers Center For Teaching Excellence Administration Open Records Online Documents Jobs at HU Contact Us Courses are listed by course number followed by course title.Courses offered concurrently at more than one level are listed with a split number (e.g., 234-334).Thinking about anthropology films will require talking and writing about the subject. Religion and Culture (3); Var The course addresses the origins, elements, forms, and symbolism of religion, provides a comparative survey of religious beliefs, myths, practices and symbolism, and focuses on religion in the context of culture, and teaches the appreciation of religious differences. Comparative Legal Systems (3); Fa A sociological and anthropological analysis of social control and law in a variety of social and cultural contexts. Gender, Culture, and Society (3); Var This course provides a foundation for understanding gender as expressed within and influenced by society. Ceramics 4 (3); 2, 4 A continuation of ART 431, including firing and glaze formulation. Some emphasis will be placed on microbial pathogenesis.Prerequisite: One introductory course in sociology or anthropology. Cross-culturally, men and women are perceived as different; often as opposites. Painting 1 (3); 2, 4 This course is an introduction to painting materials, techniques, color, and fundamental composition. Prerequisite: BIOL 212 or permission of instructor. Animal Structure and Function (4); 3, 2 Alt, Fa, Odd An introduction to the anatomy, embryology, and physiology of animals.Students must achieve a grade of C or better in prerequisite courses in order to advance to the next course. Principles of Financial Accounting (3); Fa, Sp A study of the fundamentals of financial record keeping and basic accounting principles. Principles of Managerial Account (3); Fa, Sp An introduction to management accounting and application of accounting to business decisions. Individual Taxation (3); Fa Study of federal tax legislation as applied to individual incomes, with some study of taxation on business. Prerequisite: ACCT 287 or permission of instructor. Intermediate Accounting 1 (3); Fa, Sp Critical study of standards for asset valuation and income determination.

A preparation session before departure is required. Method and Theory in Archaeology (3); 2, 2 Var The purpose, techniques, methods and theory of archaeology in the study of the human past and in the context of modern science.The number in parentheses following the title indicates the number of credits for that course.When a range of credits is offered, the specific number of credits within that range is determined either when the course is scheduled or, for variable-credit courses (identified as “VC”), when each student selects an individually approved number of credits.When no numerals follow the number of credits, the course’s contact hours per week match the number of course credit hours (with one hour comprising 50 minutes of meeting time).Any specific prerequisites or corequisites are stated at the end of the course description.

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Accordingly, the course is broken into four general areas: geology, technology, analysis, and interpretation. Archaeology of the Southwest (3); 2, 2 Var Study of prehistoric cultures, before 1500, of the greater Southwest and Northern New Mexico. Jewelry and Metalsmithing 4 (3); 2, 4 A continuation of ART 461. This course is intended for majors anticipating a BFA or BA in art studio. The course emphasizes those aspects of biology that are of immediate importance to the non-scientist.

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