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For the UK, the term is defined by the Employment Rights Act 1996 as a contract of service or apprenticeship.Employment contracts consist of a mixture of express and implied terms.The terms must meet any minimum legal standards such as the right to paid holidays and the right to daily and weekly rest breaks. This may happen because the term is: As many terms as possible should be clearly set out in writing and given to the new employee before or when they start the job.

This factsheet focuses on the contract of service, rather than a contract for services which might apply to a subcontractor or freelance worker.The factsheet provides introductory guidance on employment contracts and examines the items included in the written statement of particulars and their legal context.It also provides advice on drafting or amending contracts and varying the contractual terms.Express terms are those which are actually stated in writing or given verbally.Written express terms are not restricted to written employment contracts but can include a number of other documents, such as a staff handbook.

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Contracts of employment, by definition, are legally binding agreements between an employer and an employee.

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