Updating firefox on ubuntu

Software Center, Software Manager, Synaptic, apt…) of all major distributions.Concerning updates: they will appear automatically in the package manager.56 wouldn't work for me so I went back to 55.0.3 and am going to stay there for awhile.Third-party builds likes the builds provided in a Linux distro in package manager are not updated by Mozilla as Mozilla only provides updates to official builds from like The tarball from Mozilla is basically a archive as you just extract and run the firefox script as there is no form of installer.

It will also update your current Firefox and Thunderbird to test versions.

Look for a file named External programs like Libre Office, Google Chrome, the defunct Adobe reader, … If you want more info about why /opt is the right place to install programs on Linux, check out these two links: Where to install my products on Linux?

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard If you already had a previous Firefox version installed in the /opt directory, remove it with the following command: Many howtos on this subject will tell you to install Firefox pre-versions through Mozilla’s ppa ubuntu-mozilla-daily.

The catch is that an actual installation didn't occur.

With that, I mean that there was no desktop icon generated nor did the old firefox uninstall itself.

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