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, if not, how do I check that it is fully functional?

."Thinkpad 600 Errors (pm EST Mon Mar 08 2004)I found out, that with removed Battery a System check brought no Errors at all!

I hope you read this before you spend hours, like I did, trying to find the solution elswhere. - by Betty"I hate to offer advice when it's working but." I must say that from personal experience, I've wondered if this might be the case as well.I have an IBM Thinkpad 600e laptop and I've already gone through 2 batteries.I have checked the battery, but I now need to know the following -If you remove the battery, does the DC charging system shut off ?, if not, how do I check that it is fully functional? Hi, I am having a problem with a thinkpad 600E, Using the onboard diagnostics, I get an \u0027FRU 3610\u0027I know what the error means.

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