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If I currently manage DNA tests for relatives in my own account, will those relatives have to create new accounts? DNA tests registered before July 18 will not be affected.

Tests activated before July 18 can be registered in someone else’s account, as before.

If I register a test in my account now, can I change the name and birth year later if that person decides not to take the test and I give it to someone else? I just bought several tests in advance of a family reunion next month.

My relatives expect me to manage the results for them, but I won’t see them until after the changes take effect. The best course of action would be set aside some time to help your relatives register new accounts for themselves, then show them how to grant you a level of access that they’re comfortable with.

Will people have to pay for an subscription to take a DNA test? You can use a free account to register a DNA test, the same as at any of the other DNA testing companies.

My grandmother has agreed to take a test, but she doesn’t have a computer, has never used email, and wants me to manage everything for her. You can help your grandmother set up an email address and new account at Ancestry, then have her give you Manager access to her results.

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