Updating samsung bd p1600 blu ray player

Just the pat answer "if this doesn't work you must need service"...funny how no one needed service until the firmware upgrade!

I have been searching to see if there's a class action against Samsung for this, considering it happens to 99% of the people that bought these machines. Hi, I admire your cool in dealing with what must be a fairly high number of these. Same as above (and in fact I managed to upgrade the firmware once.

It may appear this way, but in reality they are stumped! Panasonic, Sony, etc., Samsungs' tech side is just not capable or smart enough to fix the issue.

I've owned my BD-P 1600 for two years now, purchased upon my return from Iraq.

You do what they tell you to do, and it renders your player JUNK! I just get the LOAD, MENU and it kind of sits there doing nothing, then an error on the tv saying it can\u0027t play the disc. So I go looking on the internet to find out what the problem is.

Only to find about a million other people that enjoyed the same problem...a dvd player and then the very company you purchased it from urges you repeatedly when you turn it on, to upgrade the player with their firmware. The unit will reinitialize the last loaded firmware, which should get functionality back to your player.

There are two ways to check which Firmware your player is running, both methods are covered below. Power on you Blu-ray player and wait for the home menu to display. samsung.com/support lists current firmware available for your player and provides steps for updating your firmware either by USB or CD.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the deluge of lockups. Hi HDTech, Thanks for this reply, even if it is less than helpful.So after the firmware debacle, I called up Samsung again and after repeating the song and dance, and after noting that I was (barely) out of warranty they emailed me a shipping label that allowed me to ship it out for repairs.a day or so after getting the player back, I also got a survey by email.True to form, it gave me no chance to explain what I liked or disliked about the entire situation, only whether I was 'satisfied' with the experience.I can't rest it either, so there it sits as a testament on a product to never purchase again.Maybe in a 1000 years an advanced race will find it and say how antiquated it was for its time!

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