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This is a very recent change; I remember downloading WMM2.6 just a few months ago. Yes, I know it's available on some shady websites, but I would rather download directly from MSFT. I'm adding plenty of time in options, but even on restart and new projects, there's no change....

I'm trying to get effects--fade in from white and fade out to white--to take a little longer than the apparent default.

2.6 is the exact same as the one in XP, and it has different effects and transitions.

I am not sure it is permitted to show others how to install WMM 6.0.

Microsoft is really aiming this at families and a younger audience who want to quickly create videos with a soundtrack and some neat effects.

Microsoft is planning to deliver its impressive Story Remix app with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update later this year.

Microsoft is introducing a new Windows 10 app today that has been missing since the operating system's launch nearly two years ago: Story Remix. If you’re not familiar with Movie Maker, it was an app that let regular Windows consumers create cute little family videos back in the Windows XP and Windows 7 days.

The application is essentially all-new as well as focused on what Microsoft views as the wonderful spot of the market: Individuals who want to take images as well as short house videos as well as incorporate them into 2-to-3 min flicks they can quickly share with others.

I truly feel that the best WMM is one that is integrated into the operating system - not Windows Live Movie Maker (blah).

Bring back Windows Movie Maker 6 but name it 10 and add a few more features.

of the unfortunate Windows Me– could have had the appropriate idea, as it was a stripped-down product that used just a tiny set of functions because of that mainstream Windows users merely weren’t video clip modifying specialists.

However, Apple trounced Microsoft by all of a sudden shipping its very first variation of i Movie, setting the stage for an attribute battle that would engulf the following couple of variations.

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