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I went to the left, wanting as much distance between us as the walls would permit. According to Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe, one of the greatest sages of the 20 century, there are two parallel universes: the World of Connection and the World of Estrangement. The World of Connection is characterized by love, joy, tranquility, optimism, harmony, generosity, faith in God, etc., while the World of Estrangement is characterized by animosity, anger, resentment, anxiety, sadness, criticism, worry, fear, etc.

I sat down at a table where other friends were chatting amicably, but I did not join in. Although a person can flip from one world to the other very quickly, no one can be in both worlds at the same time, just as when looking at a Rubin vase, one can see either the white vase or the two black profiles facing each other, but not both simultaneously.

If you have Tom Tom GPS device, you can easily update your map for free of cost.

Moreover, it will track all the roads changes and check out the traffic condition, then gives you your perfect and proper route with your location and time to time inform you about any changes happen in road or route while driving.

At the hors d’oeuvre reception before a fundraising dinner, I was conversing with a friend, whom I’ll call Joan.

So if someone has hurt you (emotionally, financially, etc.), part of you gets stuck in asserting your right to stew.

Continue Reading The Garmin nüMaps Guarantee allows you to download one free map update within the first 90 days of your device connecting to a satellite.

You can download the update using the Garmin Express application. After it's installed, connect your Garmin Nuvi to the computer with a USB cable and the application finds the correct map update.

Indeed, you do have the right to stew, but why exercise it?

Let’s say you buy a six-month membership in a swimming pool for a very cheap price. You are standing in the pool, and you see that it’s dirty.

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