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There are fifteen datable girls in GTA IV & GTA TBOGT.

Two of them are met during the main plotline and three others are met online.

(There is one more girl you can date on Dance Maisonette 9, &, she's a stripper but to date her, one of the missions in the game will give you the option to kill playboy X or Dwayne. It's really the only way.) Michelle is the first girlfriend you have in the game.

You meet her when you're set up on a blind date by your cousin Roman and his girlfriend Mallorie.

Being an unfairly persecuted immigrant you can call Kiki and have her clear your wanted level.

However, this ability does not work on all missions and at higher wanted levels she will tell you that the cops are serious and there's nothing she can do.

Complete the "Blow Your Cover" Mission Likes Kiki is awake from 6am-2am.

Clear Wanted: Once you get to about 80% likeness with Kiki she will call you and let you know that she has some influence with judges.

Don't call her before she is awake because she will lose fondness for Niko.

She seems reasonable and normal although she always seems to be suspicious of you, constantly asking if you're involved with criminals.

Michelle ceases to be datable over the course of the game due to a plot twist.

She's something of an idealist and is always out to save the world.

Like most of the characters in GTA Kiki is a stereotype dramatized to the point of satire.

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