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Sort Users: This option changes the list view of all the users in your room.You have the option of sorting it alphabetically or by number of tokens.In alphabetical sort, the names are sorted alphabetically while being grouped by their color codes.If sorted by number of tokens, there will be no grouping by color code and the list will be ordered by who has the greatest number of tokens, the one with the most being at the very top of the list.You can add notifications for when broadcasters and fan club members enter your room, all members and members with tokens.If you got a very busy room, it might be best to turn the notifications off because it can get really spammy and distract from the more important messages.

Adjusting the chat settings is a great way to only focus on the valuable members.You can tell how much the users tip, which ones have tokens, which ones don’t have tokens, who your fan club members are and if there’s other broadcasters in your room.This helps you determine which users you should give more attention and which ones are the freeloaders.With these settings, you’ll only have to read and respond to the messages of those that might tip while ignoring the others.Moderators Expire After: If you want the mod duration to expire after a certain length of time, you can set it here.

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