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Program the carrier gas pressure with unlimited ramps and holds on SRI GCs equipped with electronic pressure control (EPC).Form binary HPLC gradients using SRI's Model 210D HPLC system.The example below shows the use of the "Drop" tool to drop a vertical line from the valley of these two peaks to the baseline.Retention window brackets are visible onscreen and may be grabbed and dragged onto a peak, widened, or narrowed with the mouse.Data Logger Mode is especially useful when monitoring total hydrocarbons on one channel, while performing a separation on another channel.Use any Windows supported color printer to create full-color renditions of your analytical data.In addition to performing timed integration events, control up to eight external contact closure relay outputs to actuate sampling devices, autosamplers, solenoids, pumps, or any external device using TTL or relay contact closure triggers.Create, save, and edit component tables with an unlimited number of compounds.

Tool Tips makes learning your way around Peak Simple even easierjust hold your mouse cursor over any icon or checkbox to read the onscreen How-To instructions Right-click in any channel window to load its data into the 3D display feature.Statistics for evaluating line fit quality, modification date audit trail, and curve printout help to ensure defensible results.Link Peak Simple to your DDE compatible spreadsheet or word processor (Excel, Word, etc.).Enter expected retention times, control peak display, and more!Component details may be viewed and edited by double-clicking on any retention window in the chromatogram, or by double-clicking on any component in the list.

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Manual Integration tools allow the user to refine the inegration method applied to any peak.

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