Validating data extracts

According to Tableau, “Tableau Prep will make it possible for more people, from IT to business users, to easily prep their data with a direct and visual approach.” I recently had the chance to take part in the beta program for Tableau Prep/Project Maestro.

While maybe not as fully featured as some ETL (extract, transformation and load) tools like Informatica and Alteryx, Tableau Prep has some nice features that should make life easier for relatively simple ETL scenarios. Tableau Prep has some really good, time saving features that will allow you produce Tableau friendly data.

Tools such as Alteryx and Informatica have more data output options (i.e.

database tables) and more capabilities when it comes to predictive modeling, statistical analysis, geospatial manipulation, mapping and valuable built-in demographic data for enhancing a dataset.

Here I have collected more than 70 interview questions with their answers about Datastage.

Download Complete IBM Datastage Interview questions PDF.

In the past, have you resorted to dumping data to a CSV file or Excel and using Excel for “cleaning” before bringing data into Tableau? Sure, some things can be done in Tableau Desktop using features such as cross-database joins and pivots, but it can be hard to generate repeatable steps that can be used to transform your data.Even though Tableau Data Prep is good at creating Tableau Data Extracts and text-based files, often it can be better to build a database repository or data warehouse that can be leveraged by multiple reporting tools.For this type of work there are other ETL (extraction, transformation and load) tools that might better suit your needs.This ensures that not only does the face match, but there is indeed a live person in front of the camera.FRM works with any mobile device and OS and allows for the option of using a local camera for desktop environments.

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