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Dividing these symptoms up amongst multiple diagnoses, vs.seeing them as facets of global internal disorganization, guarantees treatment failure.Evidence based treatments for PTSD do not adequately address the pervasive developmental impairments and attachment difficulties that come with DTD.Nothing on this site constitutes medical, legal or other professional advice and Attachment DIsorder Maryland assumes no liability or responsibility for any diagnosis, treatment, decision made, or action taken in reliance upon information contained on this site.It manifests as specific responses to stimuli that are reminders of the traumatic incident.In the absence of traumatic triggers, PTSD symptoms may be minimal to wholly absent.However, it is subjective perception, and not objective lethality, that determines trauma.Using PTSD criteria, the element of trauma gets missed, and the erroneous diagnostic process has begun.

Since sequential thinking is not functioning, the memories can’t be chronologically ordered.

This lays the foundation for a shame-based identity which reinforces the impact of fragmentation/disorganization on the Self.

: PTSD stems from discrete, traumatic incidents rather than an ongoing pattern of embedded trauma.

Given its multiple developmental interferences, DTD manifests in a wide array of symptomatic presentations.

A partial list includes dissociation, rejection of help from others, intense levels of affect, oppositionalism, impulsivity, distrust, flashbacks, nightmares, attentional problems, physical aggression, psychosomatic disturbances, medical illnesses, school difficulties, depression, self-hatred, and self-injurious behavior.

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