Validating multiple email addresses

Be careful when doing this in practice, since it can lead to confusing form output.

We’re showing what is possible here and leaving it up to you and your designers to work out what works effectively in your particular situation.

These are normally executed when you call the is raised, the method should return the cleaned (normalized) data as a Python object.

Most validation can be done using validators - simple helpers that can be reused easily.

Lux Sci email and Secure Line email encryption work through secure IMAP, SMTP, and POP connections from your programs to the server.

Lux Sci's support staff are located in the USA and are all US citizens.

Standard support hours are 9am to 11pm Eastern Time, USA.

Lux Sci includes 7x daily on-site and 4x weekly off-site backups of all of your email, Web, and other data.

You can request free restores as needed, although very frequent or very complex restore requests may incur a surcharge.

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