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A walk through Debugview to see how a parent and child browse communicate. Getting the error 10013 trying to use port 80, unable to listen on tcp port 80, permission denied. (in change mode) () John - Disconnected desktop - some users might have access to more tables than others. () Ted - J Files - Groups and arrays, Ted has a queue of queues, and grandchildren, ie a q of q's of q's - issues? () Kurt - (revisit) Hi Bruce, Checking in on the status of the issue with the Planner and Login form not working when "combine files" is on.

ie when a parent table is clicked, what events get triggered to tell the child to update. () Nardus - I Added Map on tab on a form and the form is not displaying correctly. () Nardus - where do I set the app id for the maps () Alejandro - When I go to a form from a browse from a double click, I get record not found, but I can use the change button and the record is found and shows in the form.

() Alejandro - On a form, I have a pdf, but it does not show.

() Alejandro - I have a lookup on an alias table of Products.

Bruce shows how to find something using the redirection search. INC - how to add an INC file to the APP () Don - How to make a desktop app that is responsive in all sizes of device, layout tips. () Rich - How to use a JSON string as an input parameter to a web service. () Rich - What is the "Generate List Boundary Tag" () Rich - Accept('json') net.

Set Content Type('json') () Pratik - I have a server with multiple databases for multiple clients.

The world is a BIG place, and everyone has a time zone.

Bruce explains Host Values, Set Host Value () - you can send anything, see s_web. Like sending a message about "maintenance downtime of 20 Minutes- please log off" like the old Net Auto?

- a control, which can be called by a form, like calendar, it CAN be on another page. () Mike S - has a multi host, was going to use Lets Encrypt, but the folder I expected did not work.

The list is populated based on the contents of another entry field on the form.

() Mark R - easiest way to discard *requests by bad people - do we put it in the Web Server at the cost of other threads, or the Handler, where we already filter out etc.

Message() - like message class & send () Michael - How do I stop the red error on the top of a message?

- On a form, there is a setting "Show invalid message on top of form" () Tim - I have a NT server - I want to query an api on another web server, get the results back and display them to the user. () Tim - If I build a memory table, how do I kill it? Session ID () Mike - A question about settings in Multi Host, settings using XML, settings tab, settings ini, are they for the host or the DLL () Mike - Multi Host and Lets encrypt, "Bind to ip address" one for one for za () Darin - Where can I put code when a session ends?

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