Validating xml against schema c

Element, null); // Removed 3 other XSDs to simplify a bit, but are included in the real code schema. In the code I show above I manually set the name but in the real code I extract the target Namespace from the XSD and use that.

When I run the code I can successfully add all of the XSDs, but as soon as it starts reading the XML file it fails with these errors: Could not find schema information for the element ' DRO' Could not find schema information for the element ' Header Section' (plus a ton of other similar errors) I'm just not seeing what I need to do to make this work. EDIT: I've gone back through this code again and realized I wasn't actually doing anything with my schemas.

The solution was to create a new schema that contains as its root the one element I want to verify.

I recently needed to write some code that read an XML document and validated it against an XML schema. Visual Studio, when I open the file, validates it against the schema and lists errors perfectly. Somehow, though, I can't seem to validate it automatically in C# without specifying the schema to validate against like so: Xml Document asset = new Xml Document(); Xml Text Reader schema Reader = new Xml Text Reader("relative Schema Path"); Xml Schema schema = Xml Schema. Is it possible to embed the schema "hard-coded" into the application, i.e. Add(xsc Schema); try catch (Exception ex) var schema Set = new Xml Schema Set(); schema Set.the XSD won't reside as a file and thus the XML does not need to reference it? Add(" new Xml Text Reader(xsd Stream)); var settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings.

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