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While algorithms can help, human judgment is often necessary.

Google plans to hire 10,000 employees to review You Tube videos for inappropriate content.

And almost all of those will be misdirected: suing the company operating a website for actions of its users, rather than suing the users.The only thing SESTA adds to Backpage is even more ways to pile on after the fact. Either way, as the WSJ Editorial points out, SESTA seems totally unnecessary to deal with the problem that everyone is claiming it's meant to help...but it would cause lots and lots of other problems: Most website operators are aware that people use their platforms for nefarious purposes, but ferreting out criminal activity isn’t always easy.Revising Section 230 for sex-trafficking could open up a Pandora’s box.Small websites might create overly restrictive screens that filter out non-objectionable content such as ads to help sex-trafficking victims.

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