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You will see a lot of street performances during good weather: the Vikings bake bread, practice archery and throw an ax.

Sometimes you can meet newlyweds who play a medieval wedding.

Southern Sweden is the richest agricultural region.

It is famous for its magnificent farmer markets, local lamb, wild fowl and shellfish.

Inside the museum there is a store where you can buy exact copies of objects found during excavations.

For example, jewelry in the style of the Viking Age, souvenirs and books about Vikings.

The city of Trelleborg, which you can see on this HD live camera, is located in the southern part of picturesque Sweden.

At the end of last century in the center of Trelleborg were conducted the excavations, which have found traces of the circular Viking fortress, which was called "Trelleborg", namesake of the eponymous city.

There are more than 200 castles and manors, each with its own history.

Majestic palaces, historical buildings, a wide variety of museums and monuments.

In the Handelsboden restaurant you can try a Viking-lunch.

Foteviken (Viking Village) - is a popular corner of the region.

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