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"I think I needed to grow and change and explore different directions, explore the melody and concepts and influences of different genres. It's a progression and I'm expanding my voice more and more.

I have no vocal training or vocal coach, just figuring it out as I go, keeping it in the range that feels good." Dennen's latest album is not only a cogent document that shepherded him through tenuous times, but a rendering of the perfectly incomplete allegory of art.

At the embrace of "Por Favor," (his sixth album, available May 20) all sides of the man, now 36, would change - one to the next, then to the another, and to the one after that, toppling like dominoes. "Por Favor" establishes the point of singularity and Dennen didn't hold back when it came to the emotional beats.

Indeed, it's a thrill to hear Dennen go through this process, uncovering self-truths and forming new questions along the way.

Up to this point, what we've heard from Brett Dennen is a young man with dreams, breaking through the surface with his art.It's undercooked just enough and still in its raw tender state enough to be good. There were times when I felt my vocals didn't sound confident, but (producer) Dave Cobb was great at getting the song done.Cobb is great at the art of working quickly and getting rid of the bullshit." Producer Dave Cobb and Dennen met through a mutual friend; Cobb said that he heard Dennen's demos and was hooked. "He's a lineage of Paul Simon and I love Paul Simon. He has the humor and wit and weight all in one fell swoop. Even the really slow stuff creates uplifting and danceable songs." As much as we'd like to ignore or suppress it, heredity and upbringing unmistakably rule our actions.He obviously does great stuff with voices and guitars. And you chose record at his place in Nashville, rather than stay in California. t’s a little prairie chapel, built in the early 1900s, which he and his wife have turned it into his house. He brought all his musician friends there — all the players he usually cuts records with — so that was a bit nerve-wracking. Most of the time, though, it was just me and Charlie, talking about the songs and getting the full idea of each one. New songs aside, it feels great to be touring now, playing songs that people know really well.Anyone who’s got the first Civil Wars album knows that. The Civil Wars record and the Lone Bellow record were a big reason, primarily because of the mood Charlie created in those records. You’re touring again, and the audiences are getting bigger. In my early touring years, I alway felt like I was introducing myself to audiences.

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