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The source said: “She used to stay in a different house, but she sold it and moved in after the Queen Mother died.“It’s a strange relationship, no one really knows, even I don’t quite know how it all works.”Sarah Ferguson was given a ruby engagement ring by the Prince before they married in 1986.

However, their romance did not stand the test of time, and their pair announced their separation in March 1992.

Regular guests include Mick Jagger, Kate Moss and Sarah Ferguson’s daughters.

The lavish club has a drawing room, nightclub and a restaurant and if you want to enter you have to be a member or signed in by one.

The former wife of Prince Andrew, 58, a son of Queen Elizabeth II, wore a chic look as she exited the venue.

A mother to Princess Beatrice, 29, and Prince Eugenie, 28, smiled as she pounded the London pavement.

And as the years went by, royal insiders believe Prince Andrew grew more and more jealous of the privileges bestowed upon his older brother, aka the direct heir to the throne, and his two sons.

As Prince William and Prince Harry turned into global superstars, the Duke of York felt the resources given to his girls paled in comparison.

In 2015, the future King of England was said to be furious when Prince Andrew was caught in the middle of a shocking sex scandal.A palace insider recently revealed that Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have a ‘strange’ relationship.The Duchess of York is said to live with the Duke of York at the Royal Lodge in Windsor.Now that the royal baby of Kate Middleton, 36, and Prince William, 35, has been born, Prince Andrew has dropped from sixth place to seventh place in the line of succession.This means he is able to marry whomever he chooses without the consent of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, 92, whose husband, Prince Philip, 96, has a feud with Sarah Ferguson.

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