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Although in retrospect it was kind of funny." "It wasn't funny." Clark protested, turning to Kara again, "I failed him. Alex has told me, well, next to nothing about you." Maggie smiled, "What do you want to know?

But he was making progress with you, which was why I was hoping you could take him back as a partner. " * By some miracle they made it through the entire dinner without an emergency calling Kara and/or Clark away, and while it was a bit awkward some of the time for the most part Kara thought it went really well. " There was a long pause and then Lena laughed softly, "You're going to think it's silly.

And Danvers." Kara laughed nervously at that response, and the look on Alex's face, and then offered, "Can I get anyone a drink? Lena let out a soft and kind of pathetic sound as she was left alone, before forcing a smile and telling the other brunettes, "It's great to see you both again." "Yeah..." Maggie said hesitantly as recollection suddenly hit, "Hey, sorry about the whole arresting you thing. "Of course not." Lena said, before adding sadly, "It wasn't the first time I've been arrested, and it probably won't be the last." "Well, it is a way to meet a hot cop." Alex smiled at her girlfriend, before frowning at Lena, "But you can't have this one. Disheartened by this reaction Lena did her best to reassure her lover's sister, "I know I'm not anyone's first choice for dating someone they love, and I know what this must look like-" "What does it look like? There was a brief uncomfortable pause and then Lena offered, "Like a Luthor is trying to seduce a Super for nefarious means. I love her." There was another pause and then from her place frozen right behind her girlfriend Kara mumbled, "You do?

Then she remembered they had an audience, which included her sister. " Kara giggled, turning to her girlfriend and holding her free hand up for a high five, causing Lena to roll her eyes slightly but ultimately oblige. Kara laughed, untangled herself from Lena and strolled towards the door.

More importantly, there was something she needed to say. You make me happy..." "Oh Kara." Lena softly gasped after a few long seconds of silence, and then falling into another passionate kiss for a few long seconds before they were interrupted. " Alex swore, causing Kara and Lena to break apart and look at her, before she addressed the Luthor, "Now I can't hate you." "Oh? Of course Alex was rolling her eyes twice as hard, "Please! " "Yeah..." Maggie chimed in, throwing an arm around Alex, "Super Baby Gay, and Ms How To Manipulate A Super Gullible Girl Into Your Bed In Ten Easy Steps? Lois and Clark had a truly epic romance which had lasted a decade now, in one form or another, although to many it felt like several lifetimes.

Those arms, and more importantly Lena's lips, welcomed her in a tight embrace and the two women passionately kissed for a few long seconds. "Kara, hurting you is the worst thing I can possibly imagine." Lena admitted softly, "It would be literally losing the sunshine in my life." "You're not going to lose me." Kara said firmly, although she was cut off before she could continue. "God you guys are sappy." Maggie chimed in with a smile, seeming more amused than annoyed, unlike her girlfriend. "Erm, excuse me, are we forgetting just how bad you two were in the beginning? "We were never that bad." Alex protested, before turning to her girlfriend, "Tell me we were never that bad." "Please!

For those seconds the whole world fell away and Kara became lost in perhaps the strongest feeling of love she had ever known. " Kara scoffed, throwing an arm around Lena so they were side by side and beaming, "You're just mad because you're not the cool new lesbian couple in town." Lena couldn't resist smiling happily, and then, emboldened by Kara, smirk teasingly at the other couple, "And now you're the second best lesbian couple in town." "Oh, burn! " Maggie protested, realising that was probably Lois and Clark.

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" "I can't not." Kara beamed, "Talking just made me realise just how badly I need to tell her. Which is something I can literally do." "Well try to refrain." Alex grumbled, before admitting, "But I get it. You're happy with yours." Kara grinned, "Speaking of which, Lena had a great idea, which I think might help you trust her." "What, a double date? "Yeah..." Kara admitted, "But I was thinking we could do better." "How? "We can make it a triple date." Kara grinned excitedly.

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