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Agencies sell their clients to studio's yearly slate of projects.It is the studios who decide to hire actors or not.Even conflate the hard work of performance with "just another type of closet"...despite claiming they would buy a performer's work whether straight or not!Neurotic fraus end up reinforcing the status quo: ONLY straight actors do hard work, devote to their jobs, are believable onscreen, are "honest" (cos hey, it's THEIR culture and identities in the stories onscreen - that easily get written, funded, produced, cast!There has to be more from all the reality shows but I don't watch enough of them to compile a good list. I know some have, I think Zachary Quinto have spoken about homophobia in Hollywood, and DLB has been going back and forth on the whole issue. More people in the industry need to stand up again the bigotry, racism and homophobia in the industry.R176, well, lots of gay/gossip hacks attempted to force people out, by swaying public opinion and calling certain actors unconvincing in straight roles.

In this witch-hunt, fraus didn't care about the actual performances anymore.

This forest -- not the trees of simply outing people and blaming "handlers", which applies to young/naive performers that don't know how to navigate their fields, or haven't their own legs to stand on YET (whoop hence all the fraus of "beard club" fancy themselves saviors of "buying young whores out of their contracts" LOL) -- is EPITOMIZED by: STILL ZERO gay characters in Star Wars, Disney, Pixar event movies.

If even gay characters are liability in selling to all-age audiences including China, why are people only fixated on outing individual performers?

If so I think they both had moments when they were hot(same as Kanyon). Erik Otterman (if he isn't gay the cutie still deserves a look). I guess the entertainment business is still incredibly anti gay. I think it's a combination of selling off the stars as "heartthrobs" for the female audience. many women absolutely love and adore Matt Bomer, even though they know he's gay.

Jonathan Del Arco who played Hugh the Borg several times on Star Trek The Next Generation was hot in & out of his costume. Many people still have the notion today that gay actors cannot play straight (wrong, obviously) or that an openly gay actor would somehow be less attractive. A handsome actor is a handsome actor whatever his sexuality is. But there's still an issue of fraus imagining one day they will end up with said star.

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) Do fraus care their passive consumption keep the status quo alive?

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