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it's sort of like we've got 'the female Federer', or maybe the guys have 'the male Justine Henin', because she is just head and shoulders above everyone else right now." When she first came onto the tour, Henin used a pinpoint stance (most common amongst the WTA) for serving, but later retooled her serve to use a platform stance, which is most common amongst male players.Henin's single-handed backhand was the most powerful and accurate in the game.

Henin then lost to Clijsters in the semifinals of the Proximus Diamond Games in Antwerp.

4-time Grand Slam winner Kim Clijsters commented "Growing up together, she's always been the more touchy player.

She has good hands....has those quick hands." Henin had always been considered one of the better volleyers on tour, but soon established herself as one of the best in the modern era.

By the end of the year, Henin was ranked seventh in singles, with three titles to her name.

Also that year, she reached the French Open women's doubles semifinals with Elena Tatarkova and helped Belgium win the 2001 Fed Cup.

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