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The character was written into a coma and Cash's final airdate was May 21, 2008; he later returned for an episode on December 29, 2008.Actor Drew Garrett appeared as an awakened 17-year-old Michael starting in April 24, 2009.All are unaware that Maxie Jones has seen Sonny with a bloody handprint on his white shirt, from when he attempted to hug Michael at the scene of Claudia's death and Michael pushed him away.They are equally unaware that a mysterious onlooker has seen Jason supervise the cover-up, including the burning of the cabin and the burial of Claudia.

Sonny decides to show a 12-year-old Michael a life without violence at his coffee warehouse; a sniper, secretly hired by Claudia Zacchara, aims for Sonny but Michael is shot and put into a seemingly permanent coma.Michael is married to high school sweetheart Chloe Mathers and has four daughters, one deceased, three living.Michael will do anything it takes to defend his family, thus killing Ian Slater in season 7 for attacking his daughter Briana Corinthos.Claudia forces Carly into a car, but soon enough Carly grabs the steering wheel, causing the car to crash. Michael, who has chosen this moment to run away again, comes across the crashed car as he drives out of town headed toward Canada.He also hears his mother screaming as Claudia attempts to flee the cabin with baby Josslyn.

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