Who is nicole dating on days of our lives sasuke and sakura dating

Nicole resurfaces in 2008 and announces that she and Victor are still legally married.

Nicole hires EJ Di Mera (James Scott) to help her with the divorce only for Nicole to discover that she is still married to her first husband, Trent Robbins (Roscoe Born), making her subsequent marriages to Lucas and Victor invalid.

Nicole is a prime suspect when Trent is found dead in September 2008, but she is exonerated.

Nicole later discovers she is pregnant, and knowing she was not supposed to have children, Nicole considers the child to be a "miracle." EJ and Nicole move in together only for her to miscarry.

Meanwhile, Nicole's sister, Taylor Raines (Katherine Ellis) comes to Salem and befriends Eric and Lucas uses the relationship to keep Nicole and Eric apart so he can have her for himself.Victor and Nicole eventually marry on New Year's Eve in 2002 only for Nicole to fake his death with the help of Jan Spears (Heather Lauren Olson), leaving Nicole as the wealthy grieving widow who has fallen for her step grandson.However, Nicole's plans begin to unravel when Victor is discovered alive.Richard Baker (John Callahan) and passes the child off as her own.To make matters worse, Nicole switches Mia's child with Sami and EJ's baby allowing EJ to raise the child even though Sami planned to keep him from the child.

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