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The 49-year-old former View host used her ex's profile from Where Black People Meet as what she sees as a warning to other women on Tuesday night.

Stepping up their public battle and the shade factor, Sherri posted a screen shot of Lamar's dating profile with the hashtag 'Beware'.

She described herself as “a person who can appreciate the magnitude of what a gestational carrier will be doing for us,” and the whole surrogacy process as “a miracle.”Shepherd and Sally then entered into a separate agreement with an egg donation agency, fittingly named Tiny Treasures.An embryo created with Sally’s sperm and a donor egg was transferred into J. Shepherd and Sally were present for the procedure and offered thanks to J. She sent an e-mail to the surrogacy agency stating that she and Sally were “trying to figure out how we can best co-parent [Baby S.] in the wake of our irreconcilable differences. Sally would also be deemed the legal father of the child if the surrogacy agreement was . But here, neither woman wanted to be the child’s mother.The lawyer did not file the paperwork called for by the surrogacy agreement because of Shepherd’s refusal to cooperate; the lawyer then withdrew from representing the couple. B., now eight months pregnant with a baby she was carrying for someone else, filed a petition seeking a court order declaring that Shepherd and Sally were the legal parents. Thus, Shepherd’s claim of unenforceability was relevant only to her standing—and, by default, J. This may be more common than our intuitions tell us.caught up with Sherri at the Children of Promise, NYC soirée, where she explains why she is NOT currently looking for love.“Because my purse is not big enough for a prenup and a confidentiality agreement,” she quips.

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