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It's about the human heart and what it can cope with."I think that this story will make a lot of people understand what really happened on Boxing Day to a lot of people.I hope it makes people realise how it really could have happened anywhere to any of us.Toni, one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, starts by describing Kathy."She's a very strong, kind of ballsy, forthright, grounded, big-mouthed Australian woman who's been living in Thailand for eleven years.Much like Toni, I try to focus on the opportunities that are occurring and I want there to be more, of course, and to grow and grow until it's as even as possible.

Tara is supported by her husband Max, daughter Kate, and son Marshall.And in this particular circumstance, I guess a lot of the press were European and concerned with the European people."Tony's a very buttoned-up, proper British man, who's come here to do a job.She runs an education programme working with a lot of local kids."The actress explains that Kathy is a naturally dedicated woman. She's chosen to dedicate her life towards helping others and with this incident, she's, in a strange way, in her element. There are more needy people standing in front of her than ever before, and I think it's just something within her that makes her feel like she's living the greatest, most useful life that she can."Toni, who has starred in such memorable films as Muriel's Wedding, The Sixth Sense (Oscar nominated), Emma, Changing Lanes, About a Boy (BAFTA nominated), Velvet Goldmine, and The Hours, carries on that Kathy is "a loner. She's not having to think about it, she's just doing it.She's a very practical person and being able to help people to the extent that she does, or at least try and break down some barriers and cut through some red tape, is making her feel like she's serving a purpose."When you're surrounded by such chaos and shock, it can make you feel very alive. It's like you're in the moment, and that's all you can be because things are so vital.""When something like this happens, you realise how small we are and how little control we have, and everyone very quickly becomes very equal.

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  1. On two different occasions in September and October, Portage police responded to stores in the area of West Centre Avenue and Angling Road on reports of Lockhart acting "odd" and watching construction workers who were laying pipe in the area.