Why arent i dating david tennant

He’s a really nice guy, but a lot of people are intimidated by actors who’ve played The Doctor.I’ve been asked to pose for photos with fans who’ve been shaking beside me, just because I played The Doctor.‘I suspect that goes on too with David, who, like me, is intimidating without doing anything to intimidate.Miss Moffett’s father Peter Davison, in turn, had played the fifth Time Lord.He said: ‘I suspect that, crucially, Georgia wasn’t overawed by David.

For someone "pure and clean", he certainly likes art and literature that examines the bleaker side of life.

He knows people care passionately about the series and have big expectations of any actor in the role.

In the past, pressure like this has led to moments of desperation for Tennant.

He has already filmed his first lines for this childhood-fantasy-come-true.

When he arrived on set to film, only a skeleton crew remained.

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