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It also means it’s time to retire your ex’s beat-up hoodie, toss out the plastic wine glasses, and never, wear celebrity-minted fragrance.Herewith, we’ve compiled all of the things women should throw out when they reach 40.

To be fair, they’re handy if you need to section your hair while you’re styling it, but they otherwise should never see the light of day.

You’re no longer in your 20s, nor are you dealing with sloppy roommates (or your sloppy self, hopefully). No one needs to know who designed every single item of your clothing—and your purse.

You can afford to buy—and not drop—basic wine glasses made of, you know, actual glass. Some of the most elegant, timeless pieces (think silk button-down shirts) can speak for themselves.

And for more lifestyle advice, here’s 32 Ways to Change His Behavior With Movie Quotes. Lo’s first fragrance, the fruity floral Glow, was a classic.

But now, several iterations and hundreds of celebrity-branded, focus-group-approved perfumes later, star-studded scents have been watered down. If you’re approaching 40, you probably have years’ worth of bridesmaid dresses languishing in the back of your closet. Here are The Signs Your Partner is Marriage Material.

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