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When she was a teenager, her father asked her for advice on how to make her mother happy.It broke her heart to see her parents struggling to connect with one another, and yet she felt powerless to fix it.James became the Dating Muse to help smart men find love in the San Francisco Bay Area.The professional dating coach took all she had learned about personal appearance and social charm and applied it to the dating world to empower singles seeking a date.Her unwavering belief in the goodness of men inspires men to believe in themselves. Nice Guy who ends up in the friend zone because he’s too shy or too anxious to go after the woman he wants.She encourages smart, serious men who struggle with their love lives to step outside their comfort zones and pursue dates with courage and confidence.

Esmée St James said her parents bickered so much when she was growing up that she sometimes wondered if their relationship was in trouble.You can get started with a one-hour consultation (online or in person) or dive right into a five-month-long coaching package to transform yourself inside and out.You can also check out her book “Chick Magnet,” which is set to be released in early February 2018.Esmée’s first book, entitled “Chick Magnet: Insider Tips From a Female Dating Coach,” will be released as an ebook, audiobook, and hard copy in February 2018.The self-help book talks men through practical strategies to exit the friend zone and improve their dating prospects.

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He didn’t feel good about himself, and he didn’t take care of himself — and it showed.

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