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Btw the OTR channel is the one I listen to most, but this also happens on the music channels.Android's Sirius XM app (yes, some of us love and use satellite radio over streaming services) just got itself a fairly decent update in the Google Play store.Totally understand that this is likely due to not being on an official Win10 build, plus the app may be going through the same refresh as on Android, Apple, online etc.I'll patiently wait for the next fast ring build and try again.• Get On Demand access to our large catalog of content and listen on your schedule.

Hi All, I'm using an i Phone 5s, and since I installed IOS 10 my sirius XM app doesn't seem to be refreshing the way it used to.The only way I can get what's playing currently in the above example is to go to another channel. I have the most current version of the app, and in IOS 9 if I went back after leaving the station for a while I could hit the skip button and it would skip ahead to the current time.I turned off background refresh to save on battery recently, but I looked under there a few minutes ago and the sirius XM app isn't even listed. I don't think there's a faster way of changing channels on the app than closing it and reopening it so the channel button shows, then clicking that to bring up the categories and then clicking on entertainment and then flicking to the right channel so I sure hope there's a solution to my problem.I just noticed this problem, it was not like this a week ago. When you see this happen, try going to another station then return to the one you were on right away and see if the info gets updated. Whereas the Lexus only has the first 10 characters. Sirius XM, could you describe what level of help you can provide?When I do this the song/artist updates so the station is changing the info but the radio does not reflect it. For my part, I had a display problem yesterday afternoon on the XM Blue Collar Radio channel 97. I tried the refresh several times which did not help.

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